Corporate Talks

We are working in uncertain times and the ground is moving beneath our feet, yet we are required to be proactive, adept and capable whilst dealing with seismic change.

The challenges for teams in the workplace are real, and they must draw on a deep well of skills in order to thrive, achieve targets and adapt well. Through my targeted motivational talks and workshops, I can help.

My story is one of hope overcoming adversity; managing chronic pain and illness in order to achieve hard and inspiring things. In my teens I was predicted by doctors to be in a wheelchair by the age of 40, and I subsequently dealt with 12+ years of crippling chronic pain from my 20’s onwards. After battling with traditional western medicine, opiates, and no answers I then searched the world for a solution, eventually finding a way to resolve most of this pain and recover enough to live a more than full life.

In 2019, once rehabbed, I hiked 2,200 miles solo and southbound on the Appalachian Trail – down the East coast of the USA through mostly mountains and forests with just a single pack. It took 7 months in total, and I completed the last 850 miles with two broken bones in my foot – a feat of true strength and resilience. I continue to push my own limits and take on long-distance expeditions, learning new skills all the time.

In my motivational talks I speak about making friends with life-limiting barriers such as physical or mental illness, showing how everyone can realistically manage adversity by embracing it rather than fighting it. I am a passionate advocate for the power of the outdoors, and believe that being in nature can deliver powerful lessons that enhance not just our daily lives, but our careers too. 

As a seasoned speaker with 18+ years of teaching and educational leadership behind me, I love nothing more than enthusing and inspiring an audience.

“We were looking for inspirational figures who could reach out to our team. Gail has left a huge impact on all of our employees; her articulation of an amazing journey captivated our audience and left them literally open mouthed at the emotional and physical rollercoaster that Gail has endured and survived. Her upbeat mentality, delivery and positivity creates such an inspiring presentation that you can’t help but walk away re-evaluating your own attitude. Even personally there were elements of her story that reflected my own personal journey and I have already championed her words in my own life. We can’t thank her enough for making such a huge difference in such a small amount of time.”

– Matt Dockray, Venue Group (Talk @ Omeara London)

“Gail was extraordinarily open and honest about the real difficulties she faced and, against all the ‘professionals’ predications; not just overcame, but did so triumphantly. Her passion and enthusiasm were awe inspiring and I think it would be difficult to come away from her talk without feeling inspired and motivated.”

– Rowena Cowen, Director, Human Resources, STR – a division of CoStar, Inc.


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