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Young people are facing unprecedented challenges to their mental and emotional health. After 18+ years working as a teacher, faculty lead, international tutor and educational advisor, I’ve been at the sharp end of supporting students and helping raise their aspirations. I am excited to do this further through my adventure talks, workshops and curricula.

Hearing stories of triumphing over adversity is crucial for our young people in order to widen their horizons and give them the courage to do the same. They have adversities of their own to tackle, and I deliver the tools to help them do it in the best way possible.

Reflecting on my own physical illness, I show how I overcame hurdles against the odds to undertake long and perilous journeys on foot around the world. We can all overcome difficult things and find more joy and optimism in our lives, helping us to get through the worst of times and thrive. I’ll help your students tap their inner reserves of tenacity, resilience and courage so they can thrive too.

“Gail presents an inspirational and compelling program. She manages to hold the attention of students of all ages with her entertaining and captivating style of delivery, together with fascinating insights into the human psyche. She is a natural presenter and thoroughly professional with staff and students, interacting with and managing large audiences with ease. I will definitely be booking her to present to our students again.”

Sally Miners, Deputy Headteacher – Redruth School

“I was taken aback by how engaging and assertive Gail comes across, but what you don’t see are the struggles she has had under the surface. What an amazing inspiration to not only our girls at school but to us as teachers – thank you”

Housemistress and Teacher, Downe House School

“I was totally captivated, hanging onto Gail’s every word. What an incredibly exciting life and boy has she lived it and lived in every moment. I took away with me remarks that Gail said, ‘Neurodivergence is about pivoting and harnessing our ‘wonky’ bits’, our ‘broken bits’ are really our superpowers, they are the raw rocket fuel! What empowering comments for not only the girls but for us as adults. She managed to reach out unknowingly, well that is what it seemed, and connect with each and every one of us”

Teacher, Downe House School 

“Gail was able to instantly connect with our students and win them over with her warm, relatable delivery and infectious enthusiasm. Her ability to share her journey to success despite the huge adversity she has faced was inspiring. Her talk and workshop were delivered in such a way to allow every student to feel seen, and be able to translate the messages of hope and resilience into their own lives as they move into an ever-changing future landscape.  We were able to use the topics and content Gail delivered to further support our students in later classwork, as the messages of courage and having the confidence to leave one’s comfort zone stayed with us all. She started a buzzing wave of positivity that resonated with students and staff alike for days!”

Kate Moskwa, School Principal at Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School, Bahrain 


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