A hiker on the Tour DU Mont Blanc with the mountains behind covered in snow.

Tour Du Mont Blanc – Learn About Hiking This Beautiful Trail

Distance: 105 miles (170km) Elevation Gain: 10,000 metres (32,800 ft) Countries visited: France, Italy, Switzerland and back to your start point in France.  Traditional Direction: Anti-clockwise. Loop.  Best Airport to arrive: Geneva, Switzerland, with a 90 min transit to Chamonix, France Marmots, wine and delicious chocolate. Sound good? Wait, let me add the best bit. …

An image of Te Araroa Lake Constance

What is the Te Araroa?

The Te Araroa is a hiking trail that stretches the length of New Zealand, covering both the North and South Island’s beautiful terrain over roughly 1,900 miles. This trail isn’t just a green back-country backpack over mountain passes and across beaches, but also cuts through a variety of towns and cities allowing hikers to meet …

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