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“Gail’s presentation style and delivery is as energetic as it is enthralling. Her story is crammed full of bravery, resilience, vulnerability and, most of all, grit.”

Phil Quirk, Founder of PQ Performance, world-leading performance coach and award-winning trainer

People thrive from hearing inspirational stories like mine. Sharing my powerful insights and experiences, I help shine a light onto people’s own power and potential, bolstering their confidence for maximising possibility in their own lives.  Through my talks, compèring, hosting and workshops I’ve taken audiences from ‘what if?’ to ‘what’s next?!’ and seen participants leave with renewed hope, going on to reap huge successes. 

If you need a visionary and uplifting speaker, host or interviewer for your next event, don’t hesitate to get in touch below.

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“Gail was an exceptional speaker who captivated our audience from the start with her infectious enthusiasm. Her storytelling is remarkable, and has left a lasting impression on those who attended. She inspires individuals to unleash their full potential, and encouraged our teams to persevere no matter the challenges they face.”

Alex, HM Government

Talks for Schools

Young people are facing unprecedented challenges to their mental and emotional health. I can help give them the tools to cope and overcome.

“Gail was able to instantly connect with our students and win them over with her warm, relatable delivery and infectious enthusiasm. Her ability to share her journey to success, despite the huge adversity she has faced, was inspiring. Her talk and workshop were delivered in such a way to allow every student to feel seen, and be able to translate the messages of hope and resilience into their own lives.”

Kate Moskwa, Principal at Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School, Bahrain

Talks for Businesses

The challenges for teams are real. They must draw on a deep well of skills in order to thrive, achieve targets and adapt well. Let me help your teams be the best they can be.

“Gail has left a huge impact on all of our employees. Her articulation of an amazing journey captivated our audience and left them literally open mouthed. Her upbeat mentality, delivery and positivity creates such an inspiring presentation that you can’t help but walk away re-evaluating your own attitude.”

Matt Dockray, Venue Group

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If you’d like to book me as a speaker, interviewer or facilitator, please email