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My Patreon page is where you can support me in my work and my expeditions (if you like!).

By joining my Patreon you will become part of the wonderful, close outdoors community I am building as well as keeping me going on my epic journeys. My core aim is inspiring and supporting people to get outside no matter what problems they face.

My Patreon page includes a range of outdoors and educational resources to help you plan your own adventures. It’s also where you can get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to all expeditions, and be the first people I chat to about what I’m currently working on – including live streams from trail and regular updates from the field!

Come and join me!


Thank you SO much for looking at ways to support me! Maybe you’ve seen my Patreon and decided that a monthly commitment isn’t for you, and that’s just perfect. But perhaps you thought you’d like to buy me a coffee or a warm meal while I’m on trail, and if so you’ve found the right place!

Ko-Fi is a brilliant platform where you can make a small (or large, ha!) donation to feed me after a long day or buy me a drink when I just need to rest my bones for a bit. Even the smallest donations will help keep me focused on the work I am doing for our amazing community, which of course includes YOU! And please do remember that I am deeply grateful to have you as part of our team, whether you decide to donate or not. Thank you!

Thank you Patrons!

Meet the patrons who are supporting my work. Whether it’s keeping me fuelled on trail, or helping me write free resources for schools, these people are helping and making a difference. Will you join them here? It costs less than a cup of coffee a month. 🙂

  • Andy Norris
  • Anne Namnoum
  • Eleanor Abbs
  • Russell Ledbetter
  • Wendy Davidson
  • Christine Traner
  • Penny Davies
  • Phil Wells
  • Rob Redgrave
  • Amy Birner
  • Clare Matthews
  • Felicity Bone
  • Grace Halls
  • Joanna Morfield
  • Josh Calthorpe
  • Julia Connick
  • Kate Hibbert
  • Kim Bennett
  • Megan
  • Nicky Muller
  • Olivia Aspinall
  • Rebecca Aslett
  • Robyn Obrian
  • Sarah Evans
  • Theronda Knight