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September is Pain Awareness Month, and we’re getting involved to support!

Hello, and welcome to #UnlostWalks! I’m very glad you’re here. If you know anything about my story, it might be that I suffered with chronic pain for nearly 15 years and still manage symptoms today. However things DO get better, and now I live a full and active life thanks to interventions and pain management.

If you or loved ones have ever suffered with chronic pain, then you’ll know how debilitating it can be for both body and mind. Being able to live the fullest life possible, managing pain effectively and doing the things that you love are some of the key goals for people who struggle with the condition, and are part of what pain charities focus on.

Therefore I have launched the #UnlostWalks Charity Challenge for September to both create a community and also raise money for two brilliant Chronic Pain charities that are close to my heart. I hope you’ll join me!

The aim is for us to collectively walk 3000 miles in September and raise £3000 for Pain UK and the US Pain Foundation. I would love for us all to come together to achieve that! No matter how many miles you walk individually, we’ll be doing it together to raise money and help propel people towards pain relief. 

How to join me in the Challenge

I want to build a community for us to come together: I’ll be building it across Instagram and Strava to keep us all connected and so that I can see and share your walks. Here are how both options to connect and share work:

To take part on Instagram, share a photo of your favourite walk, tag me and use the hashtag #UnlostWalks and #ChronicPain. Then I’ll add you to a bespoke Instagram group I’ve created where we can all come together and cheer each other on to achieve our miles! I’ll also try to share as many of your walks as possible on my Instagram stories. Find me on Instagram here.

Alongside, I created a group challenge on Strava, which you can join by following me and then I can invite you to the community. Through our Strava challenge we can keep track of how far we all walk as a team, and also clock up all the mileage we’ve covered together to hopefully hit our 3000 mile target. Follow me on Strava to be added to the challenge, and then you can invite your friends and family!

So no matter where you are in the world you can join in on Instagram and Strava, clock up those miles, and share my donation pages above.

To celebrate our success, on the 26th September, I will host a walk in beautiful Penzance, in partnership with the Edge of the World Bookshop. But if you can’t make it in real life, I’ll be sharing my walks on Instagram Live as well. Exact location details to follow.

So no matter what you’re struggling with, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone, and through this challenge I believe we can all start to become a little more Un-lost together.

Donate below

Please find the donation pages for the UK site here, and for the US site here.

And to discover more about my journey and how I reclaimed myself in the process, my story is available to read here.

My book is available at:

Amazon (International link) (UK)

Waterstones (UK)