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Unlost Weekend Retreats

Not sure how to get where you want to go? You’re not alone.

Let’s Get Unlost Together

Girl in a yellow hat sitting on cliffs with backpack looking out to sea

Hello Unloster,

Have you ever felt the pull of adventure? Of dusty feet and warm wind in your hair? Lifted by the laughter of new friends, and safe in the knowledge that you belong?

Do you feel the urge to explore that side of yourself that isn’t nurtured by your laptop and daily routine?

Can you sense deeply that there’s more in you to show the world, and most importantly to show yourself?

I think you probably know what I’m talking about. Connection, the great outdoors and the full-throated joy of being playfully wild.

If you seek the feeling of freedom and confidence, of leaning into the green and blue spaces that heal us whilst meeting interesting faces in brand new places, then I’m right here, waiting to welcome you. Come alone and make new friends, or come with a friend and leave with more; Unlost is a hub for connection, community and joy.

Gail and Kris hugging on the cliffs

Unlost Retreats happen here in my home county of Cornwall, in one of our carefully selected and special locations near the sparkling sea. Amidst green fields and rolling coastline we’ll sea-dip, hike, chat, laugh and share our heart’s desires around campfires. I’ll answer all your hiking and adventure questions, talk you through my favourite kit and give you all the confidence you need to plan your own trips. You’ll enjoy Yin and Yoga Nidra, find space, learn more about yourself, and make some fantastic new friends – perhaps even future adventure buddies. All this and more, fuelled with nourishing, hearty home-cooked food prepared with love by our chef (and dear friend) Jasmine.

I run a range of Unlost Retreats through the year. All of them take you adventuring on land and sea, while some also lean into other areas such as creative writing, coaching and empowerment. Below you’ll find links to the current and upcoming Retreats, dates and information. Please don’t hesitate to send me any questions you might have about what you read.

I’m deeply proud to be Cornish, and I cannot wait to get to know you and share my home patch with you. I’m so excited to take you to my favourite spots, and to introduce you to the joyful community of other amazing Unlosters.