Hi, I’m Gail. An adventurer, writer and speaker with a side order of overcoming chronic illness. I spend my time exploring the world through epic human-powered journeys; mostly hiking my way around on my own two feet, carrying my home on my back.

Every journey I make teaches me more. Every time I return I use my 18+ years at the top of my game in the educational field to teach others how they can push their limits too.

You may want to hike across the USA, sail across oceans or climb mountains. You might want to take a full day’s hike and feel proud of how you’ve challenged yourself. All things are eminently achievable with the right mind set and skills.

Whether you’re ready to adventure or just to try to find your way out of a current dead end, you’re in the right place. We’ll do this together.

If you want to get involved right away, come and join my outdoors community group here on Facebook. If you can, please consider supporting my thru hikes, resources and community work here on Patreon. Thank you!


Guest Blog: The CDT, by Triple Crown Hiker ‘Flamingo’

Life, Love, Cows, and Mental Health: A niche guide to the Continental Divide My name is Phill Toomasian, but as I am a long distance hiker or “thru-hiker” I often go by the trail name “Flamingo” when out in the field (or really the mountains). In highschool I commandeered a pair of bright pink pants…


The Continental Divide Trail (CDT) – Setting Out To Thru Hike

The Continental Divide Trail. Have you heard of it? You may well know that I’m just days away from starting to hike this epic route, but other than that what have I told you about it? Probably not enough. So here’s a brief introduction to the CDT,  how I’ve prepared and what the next week…



I Wrote A Book – This Is What I Found Hard

What do you think the hardest part of writing a book is? If you’d asked me that a year ago I’d have told you it was probably going to be getting an agent. Or perhaps getting a publisher. One comes before the other, and although you can send your book to publishers directly I had…


ADHD and My Adventures in the USA – Part One.

Newsflash – I just got diagnosed with ADHD. Formally, officially and by a real-deal psychiatrist. That’s a sentence I didn’t ever predict I’d be saying, but I’m not sad about it in any way at all. In fact, it makes me happy. Neurodiversity is just another string to my bow and an opportunity to open…


Sea Swimming – Excited to Try? Here’s How To Start

Hi, I’m Gemma Adams, a swimming teacher living in sunny Falmouth on the south coast of Cornwall with my family. Swimming has always been a part of my life. I have been swimming in the sea on an all-round yearly basis for around the last six years. I find I only have the ability to…