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Hi, I’m Gail. An adventurer, writer and speaker with a side order of overcoming chronic illness. I spend my time exploring the world through epic human-powered journeys; mostly hiking my way around on my own two feet, carrying my home on my back.

Every journey I make teaches me more. Every time I return I use my 18+ years at the top of my game in the educational field to teach others how they can push their limits too.

You may want to hike across the USA, sail across oceans or climb mountains. You might want to take a full day’s hike and feel proud of how you’ve challenged yourself. All things are eminently achievable with the right mind set and skills.

Whether you’re ready to adventure or just to try to find your way out of a current dead end, you’re in the right place. We’ll do this together.

If you want to get involved right away, come and join my outdoors community group here on Facebook. If you can, please consider supporting my thru hikes, resources and community work here on Patreon. Thank you!


Be inspired

Whatever it is you’re dreaming of – it can happen. It doesn’t matter what you believe stands in your way, it can be overcome.

Join me and change the narrative about our ‘broken bits’. Let’s bring them out into the light as our superpowers. Whether invisible illness, neurodiversity, or any life-limiting issue, our ‘flaws’ ultimately give us the tools, self-knowledge, and resilience to achieve great things. Lets go…

Cover of Gail's book Unlost

I was told I’d be in a wheelchair by the age of forty. At forty-one, I embarked on one of the world’s toughest treks – The Appalachian Trail. This is the inspiring account of my incredible journey into the unknown and how I reclaimed herself in the process. A love letter to the healing power of the wild outdoors and an incredible testament to the strength of the human spirit, my story is for anyone who has ever felt stuck in a rut, lost or scared.

I’ll show you that even in our darkest times, it’s possible to find our inner grit, face our fears and feel hopeful.


Gail smiling into the camera with her hand on her head

The Educator

With over 18 years experience working as an educator and in educational leadership nationally and internationally, my passion for helping people flourish underpins everything I do. My courses are coming soon, get in touch to get on the waitlist!

Gail outdoors with backpack and dog sitting on banks of helford in a field

The Adventurer

An adventurer, writer and speaker with a side order of overcoming chronic illness. I spend my time exploring the world through epic human-powered journeys, with new national and international journeys coming up every year. Get in touch to learn more!

Gail smiling into the camera with orange beanie and yellow jacket ont

The Author

My debut memoir ‘Unlost’ went to number 7 in the US charts and was a bestseller here in the UK. It tells of overcoming years of chronic illness to hike 2k+ miles on the Appalachian Trail. Book 2 is coming soon! More on my writing here. 


12th – 19th Nov 2022CoppaTrek! with Gi



Guest Post: Rekindling Lost Ambition at the Unlost Retreat Have you ever wanted to book onto a retreat but talked yourself out of it? Me too! Did you think, ‘Oh, I’m too old. Everyone else will be fitter and younger than me. I’ll be the odd one out.” Me too! Did your self doubt almost stop you booking but somehow you found the…


Fancy a great ski-in Morzine hotel? Try Chilly Powder. Skiing, mountains, and Alpine air are three of my favourite things, and I was delighted to be able to revel in all of them earlier this year thanks to Chilly Powder, a company run by Francesca and Paul Eyre, who run a number of excellent chalets in the Morzine-Avoriaz ski areas of France. They…


I Wrote A Book – This Is What I Found Hard An Unlost Webinar with Gail Muller: “How I got My Book Published!” What do you think the hardest part of writing a book is? If you’d asked me that a year ago I’d have told you it was probably going to be getting an agent. Or perhaps getting a publisher. One comes before the…