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About Me

Grit, Adventure and Determined Joy

I’m an adventurer. I haven’t always been able to adventure, but it’s forever been in my blood. I have dreamed and realised explorations from my back yard to the other side of the planet. Between jobs of course.

Hand in hand with adventure and the outdoors, education is my passion, but I’ve also worked in yachting, media and journalism. I loved it all, but I also knew I needed to change things up and in 2019 I did.

Gail sitting on a rock with her backpack smiling, with the sea in the background.

Doctors told me that I’d likely be in a wheelchair at 40. This was due to muscular-skeletal issues they could see, and the chronic pain that would arise from them. I thought I’d probably be fine despite the prognosis, as I’d been very fit and sporty in my early life. Despite trying to dodge my fate, in my early 20’s the pain began. Chronic illness took 15 years of my life, and the mental and physical struggle I faced nearly destroyed me.

I never gave up hope. I searched the world for different diagnoses and cures. For something better than the pills and head shakes that doctors offered me at hospitals. Italy was where I eventually found a solution, amid mountains, lakes and deep depression. After working with specialists there and rehabbing my body, I was able to take the reins in my life again. I was determined to live out the dreams I thought I’d lost.

Despite being taken to the brink with the lowest of lows, I’ve never given up, feeling like there was a different life ahead. These days I balance my life between education, adventure and sharing my skills with others so that they can move with hope and confidence through their adversities too.

How you can work with me

I’m an experienced speaker, educator and writer. I have delivered entertaining, motivational and informative talks at a wide range of events from festivals to schools as well as private member clubs and staff training events for large corps.

My was released in September 2021 with Thread and Octopus Books; a memoir of the Appalachian Trail, centred around adventure, trauma, pain, and battling against the odds to live a wild, brave life filled with joy.

If you’d like me to speak at your event or would like to discuss collaborations, please see my Work With Me page or get in touch with me on my contact page here.